Sichuan Star Cable Co., Ltd. will debut on SSE

May.03, 2012

The listing date of Sichuan Star Cable Co., Ltd.(stock code:603333) is May 7th,2012.The company will land on Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Sichuan Star Cable Company Limited develops, manufactures and sells specialty wires and cables. The Company’s main products include all kinds of specialty wires and cables, such as fluoropolymer fire insulation cables, explosion-proof cables, and other related products.

IPO pric:9.3 CNY
Diluted EPS:24.47
IPO Volume:86.67 Million shares
IPO success rate:1.8480%
EPS prediction:0.49 CNY(2012) 0.50 CNY(2013) 0.52 CNY(2014) by Haitong Securities