Sichuan Star Cable Co., Ltd. IPO Subscription

Apr.24, 2012

The subscription date of Sichuan Star Cable Co., Ltd.(stock code:603333) is April 25th,2012.
Sichuan Star Cable Company Limited develops, manufactures and sells specialty wires and cables. The Company’s main products include all kinds of specialty wires and cables, such as fluoropolymer fire insulation cables, explosion-proof cables, and other related products.Its offering price at 9.8 yuan per share,estimated 86.67 million of common shares.It raises 849.37 million yuan.As the main underwriter of the deal,Guoyuan Securities will will be benefited from the underwritering fees.
Hongyuan Securities(stock code:000562) estimates David Medical’s earnings per share(EPS) will be 0.49 yuan, 0.50 yuan, and 0.52 year 2012-2014, respectively.

Sichuan Star Cable Co., Ltd will land on Shanghai stock market within 20 trading days by estimate.

Star Cable IPO data:
Par Value:1 CNY
Offering price:9.8 CNY
Total New Shares offered:86.67 million shares
Diluted P/E after IPO:25.79
Subscription date:April 25th,2012(one day)