announced IPO success rate

Apr.20, 2012 code:603000) announced its IPO subscription result last night.Its IPO success rate 1.5%,and IPO price is 20 CNY.
Announcement veils, set its IPO price at 20.00 CNY,diluted P/E ratio is 46.13 after IPO.It cause 0.85 billion CNY over its IPO plan.Total 167,517 subscribed investors,and the final success rate is 1.50391540%,total 55,305,000 shares.

The main underwriter of is CITIC Securities.Analysts of CITIC recommend share price at range 16.5-21.8 CNY.Till the date of this IPO subscription,P/E of same industry companies in domestic market is 48.27 last year. would be the first listed internet medium in domestic A share market after IPO.Also it will be the first company listed which in SSE use the stock code range of 603000-603999.