Epoxy Base Electronic Material Corporation Limited to land on SSE

May.17, 2012

Epoxy Base Electronic Material Corporation Limited(stock code:603002) announced last night,the company will land on Shanghai Stock Exchange on May 18th,2012.

The company which founded in 1995,is specialized in the production of electronic grade epoxy resins. The Company’s main products include liquid type, solid type, solution type, and flame-retardant type epoxy resins. Mass production of electronic grade epoxy resins was first started in April of 2002 which made company the first manufacturer of these high grades in China. Grace Epoxy has been collaborating from the beginning with the Japanese firm Tohto Kasei Co. Ltd and uses the newest technology available. The project is in 3-stages. The first stage is already in place after an investment of 250 Million Yuan on 1st Road, Luogang District of Guangzhou, China province and occupies over 60 Thousand square meters and has a work force of over 220 employees. The current production capacity is over 100 Thousand metric tones per year which includes a capacity of 50 Thousand metric tons of liquid epoxy resins.

Last year, the prime revenue of the company is 1.42 billion Yuan,Net profit is 42.26m Yuan. The IPO price 3.6 CNY is the lowest this year.

IPO pric:3.6 CNY
Diluted EPS:36
IPO Volume:100 Million shares
IPO success rate:0.355%
EPS prediction:0.13 CNY(2012) 0.14CNY(2013) 0.20 CNY(2014) by Guotai Junan Securities