Beijing Cuiwei Tower Co., Ltd. to land on SSE

May.02, 2012

Beijing Cuiwei Tower Co., Ltd.(stock code:603123) announced the company will land on SSE on May 3th,2012.
Beijing Cuiwei Tower Co., Ltd. dedicates to department stores retail businesses. The Company’s main products include apparel, jewelry, cosmetics, sports products, leather cases, home appliances, handicrafts, photographic equipment, household goods, and other goods.
Its offering price at 9 yuan per share,estimated 77 million of common shares.It raises 693 million yuan.IPO success rate 0.91%.
China Securities Co., Ltd. as the main underwriter.

IPO pric:9 CNY
EPS prediction:0.57 CNY(2012) 0.80 CNY(2013) 0.1.04 CNY(2014) by Orient Securities