300310 300311 300313 will land on ChiNext April 25th

Apr.24, 2012

Guangdong Eastone Century Technology Co., Ltd.(stock code:300310)
Guangdong Eastone Century Technology Company Limited provides communication network technology services and system solutions. The Company’s main services include technical services such as communication network construction, maintenance and optimization, business support and IT applications related system solutions.
IPO pric:17 CNY
EPS prediction:1.00 CNY(2012) 1.37 CNY(2013) 1.90 CNY(2014) by Haitong Securities

Surfilter Network Technology Co., Ltd.(stock code:300311)
Surfilter Network Technology Company Limited develops, produces and sells website network and content monitoring products and services. It also provides website security integrating and auditing services.
IPO pric:15 CNY
EPS prediction:0.81 CNY(2012) 1.06 CNY(2013) 1.35 CNY(2014) by Haitong Securities

Xinjiang Tianshan Animal Husbandry Bio-engineering Co., Ltd.(stock code:300313)
Xinjiang Tianshan Animal Husbandry Bio-engineering Company Limited develops cattle breed and genetic improvements. The Company’s main products include high quality cattle semen, embryos as well as other genetic material and related services.
IPO pric:13 CNY
EPS prediction:0.38 CNY(2012) 0.49 CNY(2013) by Haitong Securities